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Bodies in Space Film Screening


Part of The Architecture of Anxiety, 27 Guildhall Street, Folkestone

During an afternoon of artists’ films, we will be screening work by Katharine Fry, Emily Speed, Alberta Jones and Nicola Hunter.

photo by Julia Christina Bauer

photo by Julia Christina Bauer

In her most recent work, Lost Bodies, live artist Nicola Hunter returns to performance to celebrate loss as a strengthening process, a metamorphosis and a return to the wild. On 4th November we are pleased to host the first ever film screening of LOST BODIES.



Emily Speed's work 'Rooms Designed for a Woman' will be shown throughout the week as part of the Architecture of Anxiety exhibition, during this afternoon we will watch it in the context of other artists films and with architectural cake on offer to accompany it!



katharine fryhydra-edit-e1462143828501.jpg

Katharine Fry invites you into a world of unbearable images that insist as they seduce. Her current video series takes place in a domestic realm populated by women shut in attics, twisted under tables, spiralling round stairs or climbing walls. They blur between subject and object as they carry out perpetual tasks, whether perverted domestic duties of supporting furniture with their mouths or more Sisyphean tasks of regurgitating endless amounts of gravel.